Sunday, 27 January 2013

YWT Askham Bog - 20 January 2013

A frosty visit with Solomon to the Trust's first nature reserve inspired my article in the York Press yesterday (26th January). Plenty of common woodland birds present, mainly along the first section of boardwalk, where visitors had put out food on the fenceposts. This attracted all the tits, including a couple of Marsh Tits. Nearby a noisy Treecreeper showed well climbing up an Alder, and a exquisite Goldcrest flitted along the wire mesh of the fence inches from Sol and my's faces. Beautiful. We headed for the pond seeing a wheezing Willow Tit flit past and a few Siskins called overhead as they moved between crops of Alder cones. The cold got the better of Sol's toes so we headed back to the sound of a Tawny Owl.

A photo of a Willow Tit I took in Askham Bog last March. Note the extensive white cheeks and the plain black bill, without a pale spot on the base of the upper mandible characteristic of Marsh Tit.

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