Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Just before Christmas the book we had been working on for ages was finally published.

Discover Yorkshire's Wildlife is a guidebook to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and Sheffield Wildlife Trust's nature reserves. Following a few ales on New Year's Eve, we decided (my wife, Vicky, and I) that we would attempt to visit all of the sites contained within this book within 2013.

The book lists 96 sites although there are a small number of tiny sites close to other sites which are mentioned by grid reference only. We might pop in if we have plenty of time. Apart from a bit of fun, this will also help me get some new photos of these sites for my colleagues at the Trust to use in their work and also for me to check out the access and signage which is part of my job. In addition, it will be a good way of deciding whether we need to make adjustments to information in the second edition of the book.

I hope that my blog entries and pics will inspire you to buy a copy of this book and get your boots on and get out and visit these fabulous wildlife havens.

Happy  New Year!
Jono Leadley 1 January 2013

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